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Mallorca 312 Sportive - anyone else riding???

Just wondering if anyone else has entered this...or is thinking of entering, either the 160km or the 312km route. :x

Me and some friends have signed up to do the full distance, be good to know if I'm likely to bump into (not literally) or ride with any folks from here.

The thought of not completing has certainly kept me training recently!


  • mallorcajeffmallorcajeff Posts: 2,259
    I'm still working on finding out if I will be working that weekend or not. There is a couple of English guys one of which from here I know is doing the shorter one and his brother is doing the full one. I won't say the name as its not my place to say but I know it's mostly Brits by the look of it. I really want to but been so far off the pace and hardly Been out this year not sure I'd even make he short one how I'm feeling at the mo. I will let you know if I get the day off to do it. Have you done it before seems like one hell of a challenge 171 miles in one hit with a lot of climbing
  • Well I'm behind where I'd like to be too, recent weather hasn't helped...shame they don't run later on in the year. But I'm gonna do all I can to be fit enough to enjoy it, if the legs don't turn up on the day will take the shorter option (be mightily pi$$ed off).
    Haven't done it before, think the scale of the challenge is the major draw. Have been to Mallorca a few times and just loved it, its cycling nirvana for us :lol: , love the climbs :lol: As a group we'll chat to anyone we're riding alongside really.

    Hope work pans out for you though Jeff.
  • vanleapovanleapo Posts: 150
    I'm planning to do the 167km version. The 195 miles of the full version are just too much for me. Although if I was with a decent group it might be OK.
    I did the 167 last year and really enjoyed it especially the closed road start.
    If you want a decent time make sure you get near the front at the start because some of those guys go off pretty quick, otherwise sit back in the peloton and get towed along until the roads go upwards.
    I managed it in 6:24 last year, definitely want to be under 6 hours this year.
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  • galatzogalatzo Posts: 1,295
    From a UK persepctive this needs to be in October when we've had chance to train through our poor summer, the lucky Mallorcans train through their mild winters.
    How can we train in this country for a 300km plus ride 2 weeks into Spring given our winters ?
    Appreciate it's not held for us of course.
    Love to do it but tiing means it's never likely to happen.

    How difficult is the final 1/3 or so after Palma back to the finish ?
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  • Once you have got to Palma the rest of its pretty flat compared to where you have been. Mild winters I scraped ice off my windscreen this morning and it was minus 1. Admittedly blue sky and 16 degrees come lunchtime ;-)
  • If only it was in October...(sigh!) but then it possibly wouldn't be the challenge it is likely to be. Cheshire Cat 100m at end of March should tell me if I'm deluding myself.

    Don't look at the suggested training plans either, its a little depressing when it says 250 miles a week & we've got snow & ice outside (not at the mo thankfully).

    Like your description of the flat roads after Palma Jeff :roll: , they sure feel flat when the wind is behind you!
  • Kos1Kos1 Posts: 2
    I have also signed up for the full 312. I will be in Mallorca a week or so earlier - its one of my favourite places to cycle.
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 19,951
    If it takes in the mallorca classic route awesome, we did it yesterday, great day out in every way tiring towards the end though
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  • Kos1Kos1 Posts: 2

    I can't respond to your PM as I "only recently joined" (censored or what!!! its a forum ffs!!)

    I am on my own and aiming for 14 hours like you. Who knows I might be able to go faster but I will be happy to make it before the cut.

    Isn't the weather a bit rubbish though!

    email me instead at [email protected]. Maybe we can meet up.

  • pablojagpablojag Posts: 25
    Hi Kos
    Sorry for not replying, didn't go on this site while away.

    How did you do in the end? I made it in just under 13 hours...still well surprised I did.
    Weather made it an even bigger challenge, thankfully it improved from Tuesday onwards.

    Some amazing memories to keep especially Arta.

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