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freddiegrubbfreddiegrubb Posts: 448
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I've bought a dvd. of a live performance of jeff wayne's war of the worlds, is there a way of putting the sound track only onto my comp. so I can transfer it to my mp3? I'm using vista & f/fox. Many thanks.


  • You need soem kind of DVD ripper - which does exactly what it says - its allows you to rip out the audio/video.

    The audio files are normall something like audioTS if you get access to the files.

    Have a look here.

    that'll automat ethe process.

    One thing - the audio wont be mp3 though, it'll probably me mp4 - but you can put it through a free software called audacity and convert it. but give that dvd ripper a go and see if you can get the audio extracted.
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  • Or use vlc and that will save the audio soundtrack and then convert it to mp3.

    Note, it will result in one long track, there will be tracks. To do this you will need to split the mp3.

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  • Further to o/p, when I bought the comp. it came with a cd. of Roxio creator& Mydvd 9.0 DE , I've never installed them simply because I don't know what they do. Being shall I say of slightly mature years I have limited comp. skills & wonder if this cd. prog. may be the answer to my question? Constructive comments invited.
  • ProssPross Posts: 26,050
    Don't know the answer but my CD version sounds great with the Eve of the War blasting out in surround sound.
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 21,659
    I ve tried torrenting 6 films this week and 5 of them have been blocked/fake or otherwise not real!

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