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The Northern MonkeyThe Northern Monkey Posts: 19,174
edited September 2012 in MTB buying advice
Can anyone confirm if EVOC are still doing the XL in their 16l FR Enduro pack?

Basically, I've been trying to support my LBS as they're great and give me some good discounts.
I was looking at £90 for an EVOC FR Enduro and wanted an XL, but they don't seem to do them or have stopped doing them?

I can find them online, but not as cheap and not in black and I'd feel a bit shitty going behing the LBS back after they offered me a great deal!

Annoyingly, they have a M/L in stock but its too small. The brochure thing that comes with them shows that there is an XL, but online doesn't show that the do an Enduro in XL (although I'm sure that a few weeks ago when I ordered they did!).

I may be answering my own question here, but Tweeks do the Enduro and only have the XL in one colour. ... on%20Packs

Buggerrrr :(


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