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Hydraulic Disc Brakes

bewshbewsh Posts: 3
edited July 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi, I'm new to this forum and mountain bikes. Just purchased a Cube Analog Disc 2012 2nd hand, only problem is that the rear disc brake makes hell of a screeching sound when braking, but only as you are about to come to a stop.

I have given the rotor a clean with disc cleaner but no success, the noise still happens. I have also tried aligning the brake guided by online advise. Slacken the calliper, hold the brake down and then tighten evenly (is that correct). But the noise is still there. Is it now a change of pads? The bike has only been used less that 10 times since new, and the pads are barely worn, but could they be contaminated?

If new pads are required, what's the best type to get, organic, resin, metal?

Thanks for any advice :)


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