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what appears to be cracked rim?

monster-mashmonster-mash Posts: 586
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I was checking over the wife’s road bike when we noticed that the front wheel had a crack in the paint from the one brake face to 3/4 of the way around to the other side of the rim where it disappears. The wheels are American Classic 420 aero deep dished rims new just under two years ago. The rear wheel is fine smooth with a unidentifiable joint as it were when new.
Not 100% on what to de next anyone got any experience of this or similar?


  • Rule74PleaseRule74Please Posts: 307
    Most likely the join in the rim. Remember it started life a straight piece of metal.

    A lot of rims are just pinned together at the top. You are most likely seeing a tiny bit of movement and it is nothing to be worried about but don't risk the opinions on here take it to somebody to inspect,
  • monster-mashmonster-mash Posts: 586
    Yeh your right going to the LBS later today to get them checked. There appears to be no movment when I put a little weight either side of the joint?
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