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which bike is better?

jc0092jc0092 Posts: 30
edited April 2012 in Commuting general
Hi guys, I only have £200 budget. commuting 4 miles a day
which is better?

The Halcyon Sonoma - with disc brake


Carrera Subway Limited Edition Hybrid Bike 2012



  • daveyroidsdaveyroids Posts: 223
    I would go for the subway. Still using mine after years. Just get regular services and the Subway will last. For that price bracket and the fact that your commuting i would get the most reliable bike. I'm guessing the Subway has V's, not familiar with that particular model. V's at that price bracket, I would say are more reliable than discs.
  • daveyroidsdaveyroids Posts: 223
    After many Internet connection issues I have eventually looked at both bike and my money would go on the Subway.
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