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Crickhhowell Red Mynydd Du Forest

SilversladeySilversladey Posts: 450
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I am going to be riding this route within the next few weeks. I have got a route map from the tourist information office and transferred it onto OS Map 161.

So has anybody ridden the route recently, What are the conditions like,I am aware it is a natural route but is there any Way marking ?

Typically how long does the route take to complete? Its listed as 36km, I am used to long rides and get around Cwmcarn in an hour(ish).

If any locals fancy giving me the guided tour that would be great.

Thanks in Advance :D


  • Hi this route is in the Brecon Beacons MTB pack that i bought a few months back, I have done around three of the red routes but not this one although I do have the actual scaled down version that comes in the pack so if you fancy some company getting lost let me know, by the way it maybe just me but I took a couple of attempts to actually go the right way as the distances they give for left and right turns which is printed on the reverse of these routes arn't that accurate and on some routes there are lots of weird turn offs which confused me a bit, but all good fun.
    I just accept now that the first time on a new route will be slow as some map reading is reqiured even had the GPS out before now to make sure I was on the correct route but they are great routes once your used to them, I have really enjoyed the others so would assume this one will be good too.

    Stu :wink:
    Zesty 514 Scott Scale 20 GT Expert HalfwayupMTB
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