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Cyclocross Dorset?

petejukpetejuk Posts: 235
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Hi all, I have been in touch with The League International about running some events in Dorset and the surrounding area. My motivation is that, although the area is supposed to be covered by British Cycling and the Wessex League, there are no events in Dorset. This is a shame since I believe there would be a lot of interest in some sort of series in this area.
Its all at the very early stages and I need to see what interest there would be in cyclocross racing in Dorset and surrounding areas before I start approaching likely venues. Let me know what you think.
ps, I'm also on the look out for assistants in organising/ running events if anyone is willing or knows of anyone who is.

many thanks for looking.


  • There's a league in the South West which might be a problem for you. If that's in Mid-Devon or further east (it reaches into Somerset with some Taunton races...) it will draw away a lot of potential riders for any races you hold in west-Dorset. i.e. I live in Honiton and have been to the Wellington race they held last year, wouldn't of chosen a west-dorset race over it. Just a friendly heads up.

    It'd be good if you could get it going but they're some big barriers. Good luck!
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  • petejukpetejuk Posts: 235
    Thanks for the advice. There seems to be a number of regular and enthusiastic competitors willing to travel for good quality racing. I admire your enthusiasm and commitment. However I am concerned that maybe this is too much commitment for those considering entering the sport or someone who is a road racer looking at some competition through the winter. I'm not convinced that first timers would be prepared to enter a discipline where they are driving 2 hours each way to compete and therefore potential competitors in this area are giving it a miss.
    The answer may be to get BC to incorporate Dorset events in both the South West and Wessex leagues and I have already had some enthusiastic interest from British Cycling about doing this. However, the key is to drum up as much interest as possible before going forward with finding venues.
    Thanks again
  • Last year there was an early-season (mid-September) event run by Poole Wheelers and the Wessex League was due for a repeat of it this year but I haven't heard anything further. Certainly not on the calendar at present but may be squeezed in last-minute.

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  • Pete,

    Have you posted on the Dorset Rough Riders website? They have some pretty keen riders and have organised their own XC race for the last three years. If you get hold of the organisers of that you may get somewhere.

    Best of luck.
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