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Pro-Lite Cuneo alu frame

YossieYossie Posts: 2,600
edited August 2011 in Road buying advice
Morning All

Just a quick one

Has anyone any experience of the Pro-Lite Cuneo ali frame: I'm after something that has the handling of a race bike and is nice and stiff, relatively light wouild be nice as well - naturally I'm not expecting Addict Ltd for £200 odd but something that weighed less than an average skip would be nice.

Its for a second bike (fast trainer/commuter) which is why the budget is low.

The Pro-Lite seems to be ticking most boxes but difficult to find any reviews: the only one I have found is on some Aussie website that although says it is a review on the bike actually witters on about everything else in the world apart from the bike ....

Any help gratefully received.



  • biggayalbiggayal Posts: 35

    I've got one of these for commuting and winter training, frame is quite light, paintwork is really tidy and looks good in the white. The headtube is short as it is race frame geometry which is a bit of an issue for me, hence about 6cm of spacers on the steerer.
    Mine came with a damaged headtube where the top headset bearing sits but it was the last one CRC had in my size but i liked it so much that i knocked the dent out myself. You won't find anything better for 200 quid. Fitted mine with campag veloce which i got for 300 quid, all in all a cracking bike for about 700 quid all in.
  • Stevo CStevo C Posts: 132
    I've read somewhere that the Ribble Ultralite is the same frame and there's been some good reviews of those.

    Planet X are doing their aluminium frame for £130 at the moment as well

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