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Seatpost advice

jimmys85jimmys85 Posts: 39
edited July 2011 in Workshop
I'm needing a 26.8 seatpost, as you can imagine these days they are pretty rare, but I managed to find one which is still fairly cheap! ... elID=15831

Is this just a normal seatpost, for a normal saddle?

I don't quite understand the top of the seatpost and whether it can take the rails on my current saddle!



  • peanut1978peanut1978 Posts: 1,031
    I imagine it would.
    Looks like the two sides screw in to hold the saddle in the desired position.

    Worth dropping chain reaction an email to ask, they are always pretty good customer service wise
  • kjakja Posts: 259
    Found this pic for you, makes a bit more sense to me as well now.
  • jimmys85jimmys85 Posts: 39
    Thanks a lot, seem to understand it now!
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