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Rear mech hanger for Boardman Team Carbon road bike

small_blokesmall_bloke Posts: 222
edited July 2011 in Workshop
Need a new rear mech hanger for Boardman road bike Team Carbon 2009/10 model.

My local Halfords store are useless. Ordered part and it doesn't fit. They don't seem to know which is the correct hanger and are best guessing by looking at a picture on their system and comparing it with my old one.

Suppose that's my fault for buying a bike from Halfords. Wish Boardman would find another UK distributor. Halfords just don't have the tech-knowledge about bikes.

Anbody else had the same problem trying to find rear mech hangers for Boardman road bikes. I don't have much faith in the next part when it arrives. They aren't that quick about it either 10 days. (I miss cycling only having one bike)


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