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Merida Reacto 909 Team 20 - 2011

Freddie1979Freddie1979 Posts: 32
edited June 2011 in Your road bikes

This is my new summer bike. Always wanted a Merida after trying several different frames over the past few years. I am very happy with the finished product.




Frame: Merida Reacto 909 Team 20
Forks: BC CF Superlite-S
Seat post: Revo CF Aero
Headset: FSA
Groupset: Full Sram Red
Stem: Deda Elementi Zero 100
Bars: Deda Elementi Super 100
BB: UCB - Ultimate Ceramic Bearings
Wheelset: Mavic Cosmic's
Tape: Ritchey
Saddle: Fizik Arione VR
Computer: Cateye Strada Wireless
Tyres: Continetal GP Force
Freddie :)
Summer: Merida Reacto Team
Winter: Moda Bolero
Classic: Fausto Coppi
Mtb: Scott Scale 40


  • aReNaReN Posts: 39
    This is a very good looking bike mate, good set up as well. Enjoy it.
    How does it ride?
  • brinbrin Posts: 1,122
    Nice bike, but can't believe the shop have set it up with the computer sensor facing the wrong way :shock:
  • Freddie1979Freddie1979 Posts: 32
    The ride is really good and cant wait to push some distance on it! i put the sensor on so my bad, need to flip it round when i get a minute :)
    Freddie :)
    Summer: Merida Reacto Team
    Winter: Moda Bolero
    Classic: Fausto Coppi
    Mtb: Scott Scale 40
  • TMRTMR Posts: 3,986
    What shop is that? I've seen those stairs in a few photos now...
  • MountainMonsterMountainMonster Posts: 7,423
    Beautiful looking bike, the colour scheme flows quite well!
  • SCR PedroSCR Pedro Posts: 912
    Nice. I love lime green on bikes.
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  • Out of shop photo update, used the bike for several rides now and cannot express how responsive and fast it is! so happy with the build!
    Freddie :)
    Summer: Merida Reacto Team
    Winter: Moda Bolero
    Classic: Fausto Coppi
    Mtb: Scott Scale 40
  • fred22fred22 Posts: 509
    excellent choice of bike. I was so tempted by one of these but would have meant poverty for a year while i made the payments..and there certainly aren't many about. Well done, I am so jealous!
    BTW Is there really a wrong way to put the sensor on, or is it another urban myth?
  • TMRTMR Posts: 3,986
    No-one answered me - OP - what shop did you get that from please?
  • FransJacquesFransJacques Posts: 2,148
    Wow, that is sick sick sick. That rig is going a million miles an hour standing still. The saddle-bar drop, the bar angle, the shifter placement...all look mega pro. Those are some deep drop bars. Remind me of Cinelli 66s back in the day. You could go wild and reverse the bottle cages.

    I was skiing in Austria this year and Meridas are really big there and a couple pro-am teams ride them. The ski store (which is a bike store in the summer) had lots of pictures of the team at races in Ger, Aut, CH, Slo, etc.

    Frig me that's nice. The seatpost looks ISP but it isn't. Only issue is the white paint might start to complain if you move the seatpost up and down a lot.

    Wait to you get enough money to rock a pair of tubular SSC Ultimates on that!
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for all of the positive remarks. The bike was built by Start Cycles in Newcastle and the i bought it as frame only and built it up per my own spec. Did a 112 on it Yesterday over Weardale in the North East and it was awesome (used the Aksium training wheels which are abit heavier but still class).

    I am taking the bike to ride in the Fausto Coppi in July so will see how it copes Alpine :)

    Had nothing but positive remarks from people who i have bumped into riding and other friends on the road!

    May give the SSC Ultimates a go when i replenish my funds :P! and love how aggresive the frame/drops are :)

    I advise anyone who is wanting something a little different but unsure, go for it there awesome!
    Freddie :)
    Summer: Merida Reacto Team
    Winter: Moda Bolero
    Classic: Fausto Coppi
    Mtb: Scott Scale 40
  • bartollibartolli Posts: 57
    You know if you turn up to a club ride on one of these everyone will just gawk at it.

    I love it, it's bold but also quite unique.
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