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Saddle suggestion for Sportives?

dandelyondandelyon Posts: 145
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Hi roadies,I am fairly new to the road side could you please suggest some good and not expensive saddles ( standard post) for sportives, fairly narrow I suppose as I have a small bum. Many thanks.


  • emxemx Posts: 164
    saddles are a personal choice unfortunately, so any recommendations will be meaningless to you. Also, the type of event you are riding has no real relevance to saddle choice....
  • emx makes a good point; you might enjoy riding a Lidl special, or may only get on with an expensive Selle - nobody can tell.

    For what it's worth, I rode JOGLE on a steel bike with a Charge Spoon (, and have Charge Spoons fitted to all but one of my bikes (my Planet X has a Charge Knife).

    If you want to try before you buy, the Fizik Aliante has a very similar shape to the Charge Spoon, and some LBS will have a test saddle that you can use.
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