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Trailers and roads

calonukcalonuk Posts: 78
Sorry if this has already postedi did look.......

Do you would you use your bike trailer with kids in on the road?
From my house the main cycle track is about 15min cycle with the kids on the back. however road is very busy and I do not like the though of my little ones being in something that offers no protection on the road. Are there any rules on this can i still get fined for using the pavement?

Any help would be really appreciated.



  • dynastarg9dynastarg9 Posts: 103
    I take my little one out on the roads in her trailer (as it's a good 10 mins to windsor great park). Fortunately the roads aren't too bad and the drivers are fairly courteous. I did worry about her being in something so flimsy, but have found that people are usually so dumbstruck at seeing silly old me hauling this great big thing around that they give us a very wide berth. I do jump up on the footpath when on the A roads though, and make sure to stop for any pedestrians. I haven't had any cross words yet...
    Good luck and get out there..
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  • Pipster3Pipster3 Posts: 82
    I was given a child trailer and when it came to riding on the highway I bottled it ... If you do decide to take it on the road make sure you fit one of the blind spot flags some trailers are fitted with ...
  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    When riding with our trailer (when I had one), I found drivers most courteous. Far more than when riding alone.

    Having said that, whenever riding anywhere with little ones, I always favoured the less-trafficked routes.

    I don't know your local rules - however over here you need to be less than 12yo, or accompanying a less than 12yo rider to ride of footpaths. Sensible, however footpaths can be just as dangerous with fast-moving bicycles in close proximity to driveways.
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  • calonukcalonuk Posts: 78
    The roads where i am are very busy and there is a roundabout that is horrible to cross. I will just stick to the pavements from what you guys have said. When i have used the pavements in the past always go slow and i give ways to peds as well.

    Hopefully no grumpy arses :lol:

  • motopattermotopatter Posts: 179
    ditto flag and maybe some flashing LEDs at all times
    wave your willy here !!!! :)
  • I think flappy bright coat as well, still shouldn't really be on the pavement.
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