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Fixie help

JD96JD96 Posts: 21
edited April 2011 in The workshop
Hi everyone,

I'm wanting to build a fixie.

Any idea where I can get really cheap parts like single speed wheels etc?
Not that keen on ebay in case anything needs returning!

Or do you know where I can get a complete fixie pretty cheap?



  • the_prophetthe_prophet Posts: 426
    parts wise, either velosolo or tokyo fixed gear. thats the two main ones I use.

    others, frestripe, charlie the bike monger, 14 bike co.
  • Berk BonebonceBerk Bonebonce Posts: 1,245
    JD96 wrote:
    I'm wanting to build a fixie.

    A lot of younger cyclists go through that phase. Nowadays some websites have 'Wish List' selectors meaning that you don't have to go the whole hog and actually buy the parts and make the bike.
  • Blue MeanieBlue Meanie Posts: 495
    "Suicide" Rear Wheel? - Any old scew on hub, re-space the axle for chain-line and dish back to the centre. Works fine, but can un-screw if your gear is <70"

    Then remove all other bits and shorten chain :)
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  • wgwarburtonwgwarburton Posts: 1,863
    A local bike recycler would be the best place to start. The one in Edinburgh claims to be fixie-friendly, I dare say others might, too.

    If you want cheap, you should ideally be looking to build it yourself from used parts. If you know what you are doing you can pick up a suitable donor bike, replace the chain, fit a track sprocket and redish the rear wheel (as BM suggests above) and be on your way. There are some guides on the internet that can help. Keep the brakes, if you're planning to use it for transport rather than just posing about.
    Guides: ... onversion/ ... Conversion


    There are quite a few off-the peg fixies available these days- the Edinburgh Bicycle Revolution Track is £325, the Courier S1ngle £275 and you'll struggle to do better than that at the bottom of the market. The Track is a proper bike with drop bars and full sized wheels, the Courier S1ngle is a flat-barred, 26" wheel compromise... not necessarily a bad thing, depending on your requirements.

    Ebay's fine, if you know what you're buying. Especially if you know what to do with it when it arrives. If you are likely to need professional help then it's probably not going to save you any money, as workshop charges will add up pretty quickly. At , say, £30/hour, a days labour plus a few parts would pretty much pay for an off-the-peg bike.
    Hope that helps.

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