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Litespeed Archon vs. Trek Madone 5.2 - Initial Thoughts:

StelvioisniceStelvioisnice Posts: 8
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Litespeed Archon vs. Trek Madone 5.2 - Initial Thoughts:[/img]

Archon is incredibly quick to accelerate on the flats and downhill than the Madone. When powering got the Archon up to 48kmph on the flat, could go faster. 64kmph max on downhill could have gone faster yet again. If you can deliver high wattage into the rear wheel this bike will deliver more speed instantly.

Durace triple gears the same in terms of precision as Ultegra! Can’t tell much difference, but, of course Durace is lighter.

However, the Durace C24 wheels do make a lot of difference when climbing they allow for massive power transfer.

Archons upward drive is incredible when climbing 10-15% more power - faster especially, when standing up; the power transfer is huge. If you have strong powerful legs the Archon is the one if you can climb standing up.

No carbon creaks and cracks when going over potholes and speed bumps. When riding bike feels a lot more solid and safer cornering, much quicker and more precise. You can go forever down a hill no hands. Archon possesses a much better balance and smoother ride.

Archon’s comfort is much better than the Madone’s which jars your back mainly due to the Madone’s in-flexible carbon seat sleeve design. The Archon will be better for long rides in the Dolomites and Alps.

Archon makes a metallic sound when riding like an Aluminium bike. Carbon is more silent, but you always have in the back of your mind when this Carbon frame will crack on you!

Archon still not at optimum yet have to configure it more.

I have pics but cant post any or dont know how to.?


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Yet ironically Litespeed has a much more colourful history when it comes to frames cracking...
  • SquillinossettSquillinossett Posts: 1,678
    I really liked the Archon when I saw it in Evans before christmans, as they had it on sale very cheap (Ultegra model) for about £1700.

    I would have bought it, but the Mrs managed to get me to buy her the Felt and some more gear, which as it happend cost the same as the bloody bike I was after....

    Glad you like it, for me it was a bike that really stands out and looks "fast"

    i hear the warrenty on frames from ABG is amazing as well :wink:
  • christurbochristurbo Posts: 432
    I know what you mean about the acceleration and climbing ability - it feels very direct and powerful.

    I cant wait to unleash it every weekend.
  • Thanks for all the replies.. but by the way this is the ARchon T1 Titanium...Sorry forgot to mention small detail! Thanks again..
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