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Cube AMS 110 or 130?

DrzoidbergDrzoidberg Posts: 122
edited March 2011 in MTB buying advice
Ive posted numerous threads asking for advice pestered the local bike shops, my budget has creeped up and up, and in the end i had the "sod it, I'll finance it" moment. And after a test ride on the weekend of a entry level ams110, i kind of dismissed it for a x control although in hindsight the lapierre was a all singing all dancing carbon model.

The AMS riding position was spot on and really comfy so with the upgraded suspension of either the AMS Race or potentially the SL will be spot on for me, no more flip flopping! Sticking with this decision...
Only... do i go 130 or 110? I ride trails mostly Llandegla and got it in my head 120mm travel is enough for me so...any advise 130 or 110?


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