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tubed tyre- valve collar?

synthasandwichsynthasandwich Posts: 38
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Hi All,

Firstly, thanks for reading- I still class myself as new to all this so please help if you can.

I have put my old tubes and tyres on some new rims a few months ago, installing some new tough rim tape- I think the brand was BBB. When I changed over a little plastic collar flirted out from around the Schrder valve and I just wondered what it is called and if it is important ( as I lost it. )

a couple of problems have now arisen:

1) a leak around the valve- I have recently had the tyres off again and I think I got a pinch on but is the lack of this tiny plastic collar an issue as the valve is against the bare metal hole?

2) I seem to have damp underneath the rim tap- had a couple of loose spokes but again, am wondering if it the lack of this collar for a flush fit.

Any advice gladly recieved, too skint to keep knackering tubes. Cheers



  • CraigXXLCraigXXL Posts: 1,852
    The plastic collar reduces the hole down from Schrader (car type) to Presta (thin type).
    The leak will most likely be a pinch and the dampness due to water ingress around the valve. The spokes shouldn't be effected.
  • Cheers Craig XXL,

    Reassuring stuff- Not too much damage done. I'm going to try the talken powder trick from the beginners guide to avoid the next pinch, bloody annoying- I feel a bit amateurish.

    Weird thing is that the collar flirted out from the original Schrader tubes on the original tyre. Couldn't understand it because I don't think my new rims could get the collar and the Schrader valves on when inflated, although the valve does sink when the tyre goes flat- I think possibly this is how the water has gotten in, that or the loose spoke.

    Thanks for the link though- it does seem to be this part- it was a plastic shape like that.

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