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RIP John Barry

Le CommentateurLe Commentateur Posts: 4,099
edited February 2011 in The bottom bracket (Diamonds Are Forever, Juke Box Jury, Born Free, Midnight Cowboy, Out of Africa, Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service)

The Pursuaders
The Ipcress File
The Knack

You Only Live Twice :roll:


  • nwallacenwallace Posts: 1,465
    Do Nellyphants count?

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    +1 when I don't get round to shaving for x days
  • +1
  • protoproto Posts: 1,483
    Possibly the best fly half in the history of the game. He retired far too early. Tragic waste of talent.
  • carefulcareful Posts: 720
    + 1

    In all the obit discussions, nobody mentioned the John Barry 7. Or am I the only one old enough to remember them?
  • :oops: No you're not mate, they did a cover version of" walk don't run " original by the american group the ventures. He composed some lovely stuff if you listen to L. Armstrong trying to sing we have all the time in the world, listen behind the voice to the arrangement , absolutely superb.
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