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Proof of Sexism in Football at the Top

spen666spen666 Posts: 17,709
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I see Ian holloway and or Blackpool have been fined £25,000 for fielding a weakened team recently.

What has that got to do with sexism?

Well the FA/ Premier League have never fined a female manager £25,000 for fielding a weakened team.
conclusive proof the FA/ Premier League is sexist AGAINST men

:oops: :twisted:
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  • Wallace1492Wallace1492 Posts: 3,707
    It is just Blackpoolism..... why does Man Utd or Arsenal not get fined when fielding a weakened team?

    Hell, Scotland should be fined after every international for fielding a weakened team..... :wink:
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  • Buckled_RimsBuckled_Rims Posts: 1,648
    How do you classify a weakened team if all the players in that supposedly weakened team are registered professional players?
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  • spen666spen666 Posts: 17,709
    Mind you, Holloway should be fined or sacked for sexism. He didn't pick a single female in that team or indeed in the squad of 25
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  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    When he was boss at Leicester he regularly used to pick a team of girls. That's why they were relegated to the 3rd Division for the only time in their history.
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