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Stolen Bike - Advice needed re Insurers offer

mmewen76mmewen76 Posts: 2
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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me.

I purchased a Giant Yukon 08 a couple of years ago. It was a great bike and one which I really enjoyed using. However, owing to a recent break in, I no longer have the bike as it got stolen.

My insurer are saying that they can not get me a Giant bike as Halfords do not stock them and they are only prepared to source bikes from Halfords (alternatively I can have Halfords vouchers).

Therefore, they have offered me a Land Rover Experience Pro bike.

I would obviously prefer to have a Giant for they are a name I know and trust. However, can anyone advise me on whether the insurers offer is a reasonable one and if not, what bike would be a like for like replacement for the Yukon 08.

I am extremely grateful for any assistance you can provide. I know little about Mountain Bikes and the insurer is playing games so if I can go back with a considered response to their offer that would be most useful.


  • Why not go for Halfords vouchers and get a Boardman as they're in the sale? ... an-_-Offer
  • I had a bike stolen this summer also, and my insurance company (Aviva) also offered a Halfords equivalent (a Boardman full susser) to replace my Specialised FSR comp. I didn't think this was fair, as it was in no way an equivalent bike, and worth about £500 less than my stolen bike. I asked to speak to a bike specialist at the insurers, who knew what they were talking about, and they agreed with my assessment of their offer. He agreed to pay the cash value, minus the £100 excess, and I had a bike for the last month of the summer! You should insist on speaking to a bike specialist, and to try and get cash if you can as this will give you the most flexibility with a replacement. I don't think insurers realise that Halfords are no longer stockists of the most reputable and popular brands in the UK, but they are still their default option!
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