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Ribble evo pro carbon

graememacdgraememacd Posts: 386
edited November 2010 in Road buying advice
Thinking about treating myself to this frame and forks for xmas, has anyone got any experience of this frame set??
I currently have a trek 1.5 with upgraded components on, i presume the ribble will weigh less and maybe ride a bit better??
to be honest i do like the way the trek rides but i'm a sucker for shiny new bits of carbon fibre!


  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    I've been toying with the idea of getting a sportive carbon frame / forks and transferring all the bits from my ally racelight Tk, thereby getting a carbon summer bike for £500.

    I might wait till you've done it and told us all it makes a huge difference :)
  • graememacd wrote:
    i'm a sucker for shiny new bits of carbon fibre!

    I have an evo pro carbon/athena and I love it dearly.However after two months and 800 miles ,I think the novelty may be wearing off a little.I can now ride for almost 4 whole minutes without thinking "I've got a carbon fibre bike" :wink:
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