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Felt f95

warrior4lifewarrior4life Posts: 925
edited November 2010 in Your road bikes

New winter bike. £399 from merlin
Ive changed the bars to FSA vero as the spec ones where huge!
I really like the bike, I had a caad5 and boardman comp before this and i like this best.


  • jgaddjgadd Posts: 19
    I also bought one of these (as my first "proper" road bike) from Merlin. I'm very happy with it as well, and it definitely punches above its RRP. I'd also recommend the budget components it comes with, as they work very well so far. My scope for comparison is somewhat limited, having only seen Shimano's Tiagra and SRAM's Red on road bikes, but if something was really wrong, I'd like to think I'd know! Definitely worth a look.
  • I think merlin have sold out but at £399 i believe it was the most bargainous road bike out there.
    The only issue i had was the huge bars.
    A great entry into road bikes and very different to specialized allez that i see everywhere.
    hope you enjoy yours as much as i do.
  • jgaddjgadd Posts: 19
    warrior4life - thanks, I will do =]

    I've had mine for a little while now, and I haven't had the same problem with the bar size (although they do seem bigger than others I see). Even if I'd paid the full RRP, I'd have been more than happy with it.

    The Specialized came a close second place when I was choosing, though!
  • Lovely looking bike, £399 is a steal.
  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 61,699 Lives Here
    Very good value.

    Nice one.
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