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Fuji Roubaix 2.0

sherbssherbs Posts: 37
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My new toy, looking to start making a few changes/fettling etc, most of the spec is standard but would welcome any suggestions on what to change first to make it better! Ive been told to get rid of the chain and the tyres!!

Sorry about the poor pic, will get some better ones later




  • ALaPlageALaPlage Posts: 732
    White is the new black! Nice looking bike but whats the spec?

    Wheels are usually the first thing most replace on a standard bike as most manufacturers spec a lower quality wheeset. You will gain faster rolling with lighter wheels.

    Other bits of the finishing kit are the less expensive way to get bling and reduce weight - changing seat and bar stem to carbon for example.

    Groupset is another consideration dependant on what you have on there now but that is often the biggest expense unless you go crazy for some serious race wheels!

    For general riding you may not need to change a thing and spend your money on blinging yourself with some smart shiny lycra and shoes - at least look like a cyclist! :)

    List your spec and I am sure you will get some good advie on what might be worth swapping out.
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  • I saw one of these the other day, they look really nice!! If you take the reflectors off, you will lose a bit of weight, cheaper than upgrading bars and seat! :P
  • BeatmakerBeatmaker Posts: 1,092
    The spec seems fine for now. There are plenty of places to save weight, but personally I'd invest in some nice tyres and leave the rest until it wears out or you come across bargains.
  • I love the look of this bike, can you tell me if the brake calipers are long reach or standard reach?

  • navaronenavarone Posts: 7
    I've just ordered this bike too, should have it within a couple of weeks but I'm so impatient.

    Upgrades I've considered in the short term are a new saddle (apparently the standard one on these is a bit hard going), tyres (apparently the standard ones are budgets) and also some clipless pedals.

    In the long term (as and when things are needed or I have money) I might upgrade to Shimano 105, or Ultegra if money alows, front and rear derraileurs and mechs and possibly brakes, brake levers and gear shifters , maybe the wheels, a carbon seat post, carbon handlebars etc.

    No rush though, most of it should be good to go "out of the box"

    Enjoy :-)
  • Hi there

    I have on of these bikes also, theonly thing ive changed is the wheels, I have just put some Shimano Ultegras on it and she now flys.
    Bought the wheels from Chain Reaction cycles for £229 free delivery, wheels look nice with this bike as they are Black and White like the bike, they have top hubs as well.
    Wish I could post some pictures but not sure how to do it.
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