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Mongoose Amasa Comp - Trade / Upgrade / Re-frame???

the_lone_wolfthe_lone_wolf Posts: 38
edited August 2010 in MTB beginners
Hope this is the right forum, I certainly feel like a beginner.......

I have a 2006 Amasa Comp that's not been used for a while, am just getting back into cycling after something of a break and as is the way, my wallet is urging to spread it's wings and my head is telling it to shut up

Only non-stock parts are the tyres (Racing Ralph and Nobby Nic front) grips and some carbon bar ends that make climbing more comfy for me

Nothing fundamentally wrong with the bike, could use a tune up but everything functions. My only annoyances are the suspension and front brake, the fork just doesn't feel that plush, seems overdamped on the compression but I may have just been spoiled by the 48 click adjustable WP stuff on my KTM motorcycle. The front brake does an admirable job, but I'm ~80kg and although it can overwhelm the grip of the tyre it needs a helluva heave

So herein lies the problem, do I upgrade the forks and brake leaving me with a budget frame and components, or do I go all out and upgrade the drivetrain too? I like the dynamic of the bike, quite lively compared to others I've ridden - but I would fancy a full suspension bike if the weight was similar

Or do I keep it as a hack and spend money I don't have on a new bike?



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