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Riding in Shanghai

BalmainBoyBalmainBoy Posts: 14
edited August 2010 in Tour & expedition
I'm moving to Shanghai in a few weeks. Anyone got any experience of riding there? Any tips?

I've been a few times and obviously a lot of the locals are on bikes, not seen any "proper" riders though. I've been in touch with one club based in Pudong called SISU who've been very helpful via email.

Any insights would be appreciated


  • ItalianoItaliano Posts: 75
    Shanghai racing scene is quiet big, and they are famous for having some of the stronger riders for flat criteriums.

    You might take a look at this forum and find some photogalleries about their races (not only in Shanghai).

    An example:
  • Ni hao,
    I can't speak about clubs as I never joined any of them but I have cycled a lot in Shanghai. There are cycle lanes but remember small motor scooters use them too plus electric bikes. Overall it's quite safe. Cars pretty much ignore cyclists and expect you to give way to them no matter the rules are but there is little road range/aggro. Cyclists tend to ride slower than ones I come across in London. A brand new single speed bike with rack, basket, prop stand and registration will cost you around £35 at the lower end to £100 for something a bit whizzier. Second hand is much cheaper of course but could well be stolen.....
    Zai jian
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