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Problem fitting rear derailleur

metmanmarkmetmanmark Posts: 28
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Thanks for looking at what is my first post on this site. I managed to break my old deore m510 derailleur on my claud butler hybrid. I bought a shimano m592 to replace it. ... elID=40542

I have managed to fit it OK but have found that the chain rubs badly against a piece of metal halfway down the arm between the two jockey wheels (if that is what you call them?). The piece of metal seems to be a kind of guide but surely it should rub like this? As it stand this is going to wear out my chain surely?

I have followed the instructions etc and watched videos on youtube on how to fit these things but I am not really an expert so would value thought.



  • CraggersCraggers Posts: 185
    Sounds like the chain isn't routed through the cage properly mate (the dangly bit is the cage, the cogs in it are the jockey wheels).

    If you can split the chain easily (if it has a split link) the you can split the chain and re-route it through the cage so it doesn't rub on that guide bit. If you can't split the chain you need to split the cage, by un-doing the allen bolts in the jockey wheels (careful not to lose the bushings from the jockey wheels). Then you can run the chain through and re-fit the back of the cage....quite fiddly doing it that way!

    Look here for detailed instructions and pics, hope it helps.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    as above the chain is on the wrong side of the tab. route it correctly.
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  • Thanks guys - now sorted
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