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531c forks

PNE661PNE661 Posts: 6
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Hi guys n gals,

I have a Reynolds 531c frame from a Raleigh Banana, that I have decided to attack, de-rust, clean, kiss and cuddle, powder coat and then put back together.


Q.1. Where can I find a 1" threaded carbon fork that is NOT out of stock.
Q.2. Will a 1+1/8th inch fork fit into this type of frame and if so.........
Q.3. will I be able to get head stock bearings/caps and all, to make a 1+1/8th fork fit..?
Q.4. I have NO idea when the bottom bracket was last replaced and can anyone tell me whether it is a false economy not to replace it......reason why I'm asking is because it appears smooth, no play etc but being a car mechanic am not sure what to do.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Cheers softlad,



  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    Q1. You will struggle but may find one.
    Q2. No.
    Q3. No.
    Q4. Only you can answer this one. If it is an old cup and ball type strip and inspect it. If a cartridge type and it seems smooth then run it on. You will soon find out if it is u/s. Bikes are much more simple than cars.
  • Weejie54Weejie54 Posts: 750
    Maybe worth a punt:

    Forks on eBay
  • satanassatanas Posts: 1,303
    While you cannot use any 1 1/8" fork, there's no reason why a threadless 1" fork won't fit - there may be more of these available than threaded these days.

    IME, good quality cup and cone BBs last longer than cartridge types, provided they are occasionally maintained. No reason to replace it if bearing surfaces are not pitted.
  • I use a Mizuno F7 threadless in my 1inch colombus max frame, may well get one second hand, although you would need to inspect for damage.
  • Second thoughts, have you seen how good chromed steel forks look in a classic frame? Carbon forks don't always look good with thin tubes and lugs, kind of spoils the elegance. Carbon looks fine with my Columbus Max but I wouldn't dream of matching them with my lugged 531 classic
  • tenortenor Posts: 278
    Forget carbon - get a Tommasini Air chromed steel fork - about 700 grams and beautiful. Choice of threaded or not.
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