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Has anyone played the Steve Peat iPhone game?

RupertCommunicatorRupertCommunicator Posts: 734
edited June 2010 in The Crudcatcher
Tip from the top:

Don't bother - it's rubbish!

Waste of a quid odd. Far too hard to control. It's clear a lot of work has gone into it, but the POV needs to be further back from the rider and there needs to be the option to use control buttons rather than the tilt control, which is useless.

Worst iPhone game ever (currently).

Hope it gets updated soon!


  • VWsurfbumVWsurfbum Posts: 7,881
    i didnt know it was out yet, searched for it a few weeks ago
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  • jonnyc2420jonnyc2420 Posts: 557
    hey - it says its the no1 game in slovenia and chile...!!!... :shock:
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  • Dan DareDan Dare Posts: 367
    I agree, I was very disappointed with it. I crashed on the course at least 30 times the first time I tried it, and have not improved much since. never been a fan of tilt controlled games on the iPhone, and couple with the fact you have to tap the screen to pedal at the same time as tilting makes things interesting. I'd prefer to play with the point of view from inside the helmet rather than looking from behind the rider. Also surprised there is only one track, and the shop section doesn't work yet. They should have finished the game properly before releasing it.
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