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Shoulder Protection...

joec1joec1 Posts: 494
edited July 2010 in MTB buying advice
Ok, after a nasty off a while back that damaged a shoulder and broke two ribs (while at Cwmcarn)

Im after some form of protection.

I was looking at a 661 Core Suit, but would like a little shoulder protection. my riding is mostly XC, but i like to be able ot have a go at the odd jump, if one appears (of the cwmcarn freeride section) so light, and really cool (temperture) to wear.

Im not looking for something to stop me braking anything, but something that will really help protect me if i do end up bailing. a friend has the core suit (the vest) and i have tried it, finding it really comfy, but as i say, i would like a little shouldet protection, as im skinny, so shoulders dont have their own padding....

Any advice, tips, suggestions would be really appreciated? - MTBing in Wilts and the southwest, join up for info and ride details.


  • peter413peter413 Posts: 5,120
    Have you looked at the Vapour and Pressure suit.

    The Evo suit also looks good, if a little pricey
  • joec1joec1 Posts: 494
    yea i had a look, but they seem a little heavy? as if they are designed purely for DH use.

    Where as im in need of a ligher, XC / AM type of protection.... - MTBing in Wilts and the southwest, join up for info and ride details.
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    AFAIK anything to protect shoulders is designed with freeride/DH in mind, so wont be particularly light and airy.

    You could pick up a suitable suit cheap second hand and butcher it? Pinkbike tend to have them swinging around a fair bit.
  • rhialtorhialto Posts: 277
    What about a Brand-X X Suit? I haven't tried one but am planning on buying one for my dirt-jumping son. Available through CRC for about 75.
  • captainflycaptainfly Posts: 1,001
    The core saver does have some shoulder protection, but the 661 assault has more, I think the 661 subgear range might be more what you are looking for.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    pressure suits aren't too heavy, but will be very hot to ride XC in.
    How's about a set of american football shoulder armour? :lol:
  • SPIROSPIRO Posts: 200
    How about this ... uctid=5508

    looks fairly light, has a bit of shoulder protection.
  • joec1joec1 Posts: 494
    that Dainese Core Shirt Plus Armour is only lacking a little rib protection.... but other thann that ideal :) thanksl - MTBing in Wilts and the southwest, join up for info and ride details.
  • SPIROSPIRO Posts: 200
    joec1 wrote:
    that Dainese Core Shirt Plus Armour is only lacking a little rib protection.... but other thann that ideal :) thanksl

    My pleasure :wink:
  • sofaboy73sofaboy73 Posts: 574

    have a look at these ... ctID=23639

    one of my sholders is pretty dicky as at various times i've dislocated it twice, sprung my a/c joint and torn the rotator cuff (always the left, over cooking it, trying to take a right hander too quickly - i guess i'm not an ambi turner).

    anyhow, i digress. I basicaly needed to get some decent protection, but excatly the same as you, didn't want a 'pressure suit' type of thing. these are excellent. they are essentialy a tight fitting strectch wicking base layer with the protection built in. the shoulder protection is made up of high density foam and that intelli-foam stuff that hardens up on impact (like the D30 material in the 661 evo knee pads).

    They're light, comfortable and you genuinely don't notiice you are wearing it apart from the chest protection foam getting a little warm (but this is minimal and you can unpick the stitches to remove it if it really bothers you)

    after having crash tested it last week, i'm pretty sure it saved me from another trip to A&E.

    if you shop around you can pick them up for about £30 and i think there as user friendly in terms of shoulders pads as thekyle straits are for knee pads.
  • KoilerKoiler Posts: 513
    either the dainese shirt or the 661 sub gear and maybe a 661 assault suit for when you're hitting the bigger stuff.

    ive got one and its not unbearable in the heat but im not sure i'd want to always wear it doing XC stuff. it does give good protection for the shoulders with the hard plastic cups.

    it doesnt offer any rib protection though, have a look for the o'neal gravity protector vest (or something like that) its short sleeve like the assault suit but does have extra padding around the ribs. dont forget though that extra oadding = extra heat!

    i mananged to break my arm, ribs and knackered my shoulder last week and ive been looking for something to help me out wheni can get back oin the bike and stumbled across this ... flite/2348

    looks like its got pretty good rib protection and shoulders too. pricey though!
  • SplottboySplottboy Posts: 3,695
    A lot of Rugby companies do them.

    I got an undershirt with Shoulder, bicep, ribs, sternum, kidneys, back protection.

    Very light, rubber stinks a bit, but a I think it was around 15 - 20 quid.

    Can be work under a cycling top on its own, or you can use it with additional body armour.
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