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My Pig :D

submityournentriessubmityournentries Posts: 912
edited August 2010 in Your mountain bikes

saracen mantra one 2008 frame
rock shox tora 318s
halo combats
tektro aigura comps
shimano deore crank set
sram x.5/x.7 gears and bits
dmr finishing :D


  • SalsaSalsa Posts: 753
    Looking nice Rob! (It's Jaz btw)
  • haha thanks, howd u find it?
  • proper spec time ( ill attach pictures once the new bits arrive)

    Frame: Saracen Mantra One 2008
    Forks: Rock Shox Tora 318 u turn with remote
    Bars: FSA Maximus ATB Handlebar
    Stem: FSA 190 OS 100mm 6 degree rise
    Headset: FSA orbit MX
    Grips: Superstar Lock Ons
    Bar Ends: Superstar end caps

    Front Brake: Tektro Aigura Comp
    Front disc: Superstar 203mm Vibe desgin
    Rear Brake: Tektro Aigura Comp
    Rear Disc: Aztec 160mm
    Hoses: Tektro

    Shifters: Sram X.5
    Cables: Sram
    Front Mech: Sram X.7
    Rear Mech: Sram X.5

    Seat: Charge Spoon
    Seat Post: Saracen Standard
    Seat Post Clamp: Saracen Standard

    Cranks: Shimano Deore
    Chainring(s): Deore
    Chain: Sram PG930
    Cassette: Sram PG930
    Pedals: DMR V8s
    Bottom Bracket: Deore (Hope once that fails)

    Front Wheel: Halo Combat
    Tube: Halfords Own Brand
    Tire: Maxxis High Roller 60a 2.35

    Back Wheel: Halo Combat
    Tube: Halfords Own Brand
    Tire: Maxxis High Roller 60a 2.35
  • some pictures from thetford halfway round the black trail. ill upload some of it with the new bars, grips and stem eventually


  • EarlofBarnetEarlofBarnet Posts: 673
    They're really good bikes. I've had mine for a year now and have no complaints with it. They ride really well.
  • 28595_403840357508_568557508_4155550_2631846_n.jpg



    All done... well until something else breaks
  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    Nice bike, but why ruin it with mudguards!
  • thomasalithomasali Posts: 179
    Oh god, bet that climbs well...... what a flippin' mess!
  • right, finally got round to finishing the new pig (swapped everything from old frame), new white outer for the front gear cable is on its way but i was very opptomistic and ordered 2 meters for both the gear cables. ahwell, the spare is now on the lockout, so not gone to waste:

    and heres the pics:



  • That saddle looks like it's going to be invading you pretty soon :shock:
  • i dont know why, but i find that really comfy, and every time i try and make it go on a normal angle it gets really really painful. so guess the danger of penetration will have to be omnipresent during my rides.
  • saddle angle has officially been changed.

    reduction of danger of penetration = complete.
  • new shifters (x.9s), rear mech(x.9), chain(pg990) and cassette(pg980 with the black spider) have all been done

    and now a muddy pic as i finally got meself a right dirty pig :)


    ill stick new pics of the newer bits up too once i get time :)
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