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Cornwall - Roche TT tonight - Camel Valley Club

Cornish-JCornish-J Posts: 978
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I'm going along to do my first TT tonight, does anyone know where roche village hall is? a postcode or sat nav position would be great!


  • flashman469flashman469 Posts: 102
    Hi Cornish-j,
    If you come off the main A30 at Victoria garage, there is a road junction next to the adjacent pub/hotel, follow that for a mile or so and you will see the village hall on your right. You will usually see the guys warming up as soon as you come off the A30.
    Good, flattish course for Cornwall.
  • Cornish-JCornish-J Posts: 978
    Thanks flashman, I think i know where you mean, you couldnt send me a link to the exact building on google maps or similar could you?
  • flashman469flashman469 Posts: 102 ... 54331&z=14

    Hope this works, can't remember exact location, but once you come off A30, follow from roundabout next to Victoria Inn, croos the railway line and it is somewhere on your right.
    Good luck.
  • Cornish-JCornish-J Posts: 978
    found it quite easy, thanks flashman!

    the TT on the other hand i didnt find so easy! For the first time in my life i got cramp on the bike....and in both calves! Quite a windy evening too but my aim was to get under the half hour and i did a 29.03 so i'm happy, it's a benchmark for next time :)

    Some of the other bikes there were absolutely amazing, really nice kit. I was expecting a bit of bike snobbery as i only have a standard boardman but the couple of guys who came and spoke to me were really friendly and all wished me luck for my first time.
  • flashman469flashman469 Posts: 102
    Good effort mate, a pig of a NE wind blowing the last day or two which I suspect made that outward leg to Lanivet fairly tough.
    The trouble is, now you are going to want to start spending more money.
  • Cornish-JCornish-J Posts: 978
    haha tell me about it! I'm already looking at TT bikes :p
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