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Scraped Knuckle

dancookdancook Posts: 279
edited May 2010 in Commuting chat
Couldn't think of any title that could make my underwhelming incident any more exciting.

After 5 miles coming home from work, I stop off a pedestrian crossing to cross, with everyone else, as there is a 'no right turn' and to take a detour would take too much time.

Once I've crossed the road I line up my bike for a steep hill and get going - or not. My pedals seemed to jam and i went flying.. fortunate i landed on my feet.

Funny thing it turned out that my rear wheel was falling off! So I tightened up the quick release and off.

I was a bit in shock about what if I was travelling at speed at the rear wheel had come off! .. :(


  • DaveHudsonDaveHudson Posts: 290
    Could have been nasty! Who have you upset at work that loosened the QR :lol:

    I had a blowout the other day on the front that nearly sent me over the bars, Certainly gave me a shock :D
  • itsbruceitsbruce Posts: 221
    On Tuesday, I had my first ever clipless pedal accident; put my foot down badly pulling away from a green light, scraped the pedal (Shimano M324) all the way up my left shin. Don't know if it was the cage side or the cleat side, didn't make a lot of difference. Dripped blood on the road for the final 10 minutes of my commute.
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