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Etape Caledonia

so I crashed my bike several weeks ago and its looking like Iike my arm is not going to be fixed in time to be able to do the eatape

Would anyone be intersted in my entry ( Im sure I can transfer it?) also I have travel booked from Peterborough 1st class return train to Pitlochry if that would help?


  • Dr U IdhDr U Idh Posts: 324
    Best check with the organisers. You need photo ID for registration.
  • rubbish - I assumed someone could just show up and "be me" if the worse came to the worst
  • Dr U IdhDr U Idh Posts: 324
    As the event is full, you may well find that they have a waiting list and would be happy to let you "sell" your entry back to them.
  • apparently not.
    they will only offer me a place for next year
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