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26 to Life26 to Life Posts: 194
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Mornin. anyone around this weekend for some downhilly/freeridey/jumpey cocking about?

I can do lifts for another two people, but have run out of places to go and ride, so I'm open to suggestion. I heard about some trails around Brislington way that I would like to check out. Maybe Dundry too...


  • you still on for that this weekend?
  • Sorry matey, saw this a bit late. Wanna try to arrange something further in advance?
    Sun 21st do ya?
  • Intrested in joining you both if thats ok, I also no of a quarry out towords frome thats ment to have it all.
  • Works for me, done some riding around that way and all. Worry about arranging it next week eh?
  • Yeah im up 4 that, sunday 21st. Do u have a sat nav?if so il get the post code 4 the quarry thats open and meet there.
  • Yep, spot on!
  • Right post code is BA11 2LF, its a Hansons Quarry in Whatley, il meet you there then you can follow me to the track. anything else txt or ring me on 07817364412.
    Also what time isd best for you?
  • Let's make it 1ish, don't want to have to get u p too early! That Ok?
  • We still on for sunday afternoon, 1ish meet at the quarry?
  • We still on for sunday afternoon, 1ish meet at the quarry?
  • Hey dude,sorry but I'm gonna have to flake this weekend - Been offered some work I can't really afford to turn down. Plus it was -2 on the way to work this morning! As if!
  • yeah no worries, thinking of going back over to cwmcarn in march, if ur intrested
  • yarrrrrp!
  • OwenBirdOwenBird Posts: 210
    Sounds good, please give me a shout too if anything ends up happening. I'm not around this weekend but should be after that.
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