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gb topo maps

micksjoinermicksjoiner Posts: 409
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got a copy of gb topo maps for my dakota 20 ,i just thought this type of map would have showed more details like trails and stuff, or is it me being silly again and what would be the best maps to get for this system,thanks
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  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Topo GB are rubbish for on screen navigation, the contours are accurate but I can't tell the difference between roads, tracks and paths. Sometimes the path just stops.

    I'd go for the Garmin OS mapping, will be much more useful. Look here. Expensive, but OS mapping is. Wished I'd known OS mapping was coming to handhelds when I bought my Garmin 2 years ago. :evil:
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  • Agree, the topo maps are rubbish. I got memory map of wales for the computer, which i can plan routes/walks and download them to my gps. Its easy to use, and you can even fly through the route in 3D!
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