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Flying to Sardinia with a bike and family - the other end?

goose fatgoose fat Posts: 2
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My family and I are off to northern Sardinia next summer and having drawn a blank on hiring a road bike (any suggestions would stil be great), I've started to look in to the possibility of taking mine.

My dilemma is that I'll be travelling with a wife and 6 year old plus the associated luggage and hiring a modest sized car!!!

I've discounted the idea of a hard bike box as it will take up too much space....though I know it'd be better for the bike. Is there a good bike bag that will fold/squash down at the other end to allow it all to fit in to the car?

This one looks quite substantial/robust, but will it pack down? ... elID=23169

Does anybody have experience of this sort of escapade?

Any advice will be greatly received.



  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    There are a couple of places in Alghero that hire bikes - but only 'city bikes' (hybrids) or MTBs.

    The sort of bag you're looking at will fold relatively flat (ie in two or maybe three) so you could probably easily take it in the back of a hatchback with all the other luggage on top.

    I'm not sure that's the best of the bags on the CR website - some of the others seem to have got more positive reviews.

    Bear in mind that there's no substitute for taking time to pack the bike properly. Ues pipe lagging to further protect the frame. Use cable ties to make sure things can't move around. Personally, I think it's a wise precaution to take off the rear mech and the chainset (yes I know it's a hassle, but the chainrings are hard to protect). Also the plastic spacers for protecting the frame and fork are a good investment (although small diameter plastic piping combined with your QRs would also do the trick).
  • We have a guy 50m down the road that hires good road and mountain bikes, eg someone coming to stay with us at Xmas is hiring a bike from him. In Sardinia it is not so easy to find good bikes to hire, as you have found, and we often get people asking us if we can help them AFTER (as maybe in your case) they have booked holidays, perhaps not realising it's not so easy to to hire a bike...

    So if you ever come back to Sardinia, in Ogliastra you can hire a good bikes

    Good luck with your bike bag

    cheers Peter
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