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Thieves around east londn aldgate east/whitechapel...

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I've had a bike stolen... a year ago to this date almost. and although it's a bit late and seemingly pointless I still think I owe it to post another stolen claim on this site, it was a 09' specialized p3 completely custom. what was so unique about it was probably my 24/26 set up (s/s naturally), gold front hub, white argyle forks and the paint job was different, it had a chequered flag style near the bb on the downtube with a coat in arms style p3 logo and the back end was black with a sludge/swamp green up front ( my original p1 black 2004 frame cracked so this was a warranty frame i obtained.. i worked at cycle surgery at the time), diabolous stem and seatpost and easton flatboy pedals. was gutted as I'd just finished building it from working all summer to have it nicked outside of all places my uni...

whats more annoying is I don't have any pictures of the bike nor any of its previous incarnation's. but if you notice a p series styled bike (it has the rank extra strut joining top tube to seat tube) and possibly a 24/26 setup (even though some people also ride this) around london anywhere let me know, i still check gumtree and ebay every now and then and brick lane has been fruitless (they usually flog them down there as the buyers used to get them checked over at spitalfields cycle surgery) i guess im posting this because i bloody miss it.


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