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London 2 Paris

symosymo Posts: 1,743
Anyone know the cost of the L2P organised by HotChillee?

Their website says £100 deposit but no indication of the total cost which is a bit off.
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  • If anybody has done this and can say how good/bad it is I'd appreciaite it. I've found some info saying the ride was great but there was alot of hanging around waiting for hotels, coaches etc and the end of each stage, Any comments appriciated before I do or don't commit at the end of the month. Thanks in advance
  • zoomcpzoomcp Posts: 975
    are you sure even is for charity? no mention of it on their website.
  • Who mentioned charity?
  • Rode it last year. It is not for charidee mate! Yes, there is some hanging around but give them credit, it takes time to sort 350 riders plus bikes plus luggage out. When I rode it was about £750, last year it went up by about £100, but no idea for 2010. All to be revealed on the 30th of this month iirc.
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  • Did it last year and it's well organised and supported (and a lot easier than you'd expect, at least if you're in an ability group that rides as a group).

    Last year it was about £750 plus Eurostar IIRC.

    Geoff Thomas rode it and certainly some riders were raising sponsorship for charity.
  • zoomcpzoomcp Posts: 975
    Brakeless wrote:
    Who mentioned charity?
    oops :oops: ; sorry was confusing it with one of those "get a free cycling holiday it's all for cherridy" operations;

    £750 seems reasonable for what looks like a great ride but I'll be saving my money.
  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    Brian at TWMP did it a couple of years ago and recently Dave Harmon and Jez Hastings (also of TWMP) rode it on fixed. Drop Brian a line.
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