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What is this place like for beginners, intermediates and experts ?



  • It's a good fun day out. How good it is depends on what you're looking for/experiences of downhilling. I've been there a couple of times on a knackered hardtail and still had loads of fun. Only had a normal xc helmet so after each time I left very bruised and with a few nice cuts (chain ring on calfs etc) - so armour up if you crash lots!

    Check out this forum for more detail:,42.0.html

    It is lots of fun - and all the 'big' stuff (road jumps, north shore etc) has got chicken runs if you're a wuss (like me).

    p.s. I've only been when there's an uplift on - I don't know how many times I'd want to push my bike up the hill on a cold, wet & muddy day!
  • JCJCJCJC Posts: 162

    I have done a bit of downhill (I used to live 45 mins from Chamonix) but just on a hard tail. I still have all my kit so plan to armour up and give it a whirl. Is it full of local "pros" or is it quite chilled with a range of abilities?
  • Everyone's really friendly and when I've been there's been a good mix of abilitys (i.e. from local 'pro' down to punters like me). It's well worth a go
  • JCJCJCJC Posts: 162
    Nice one - cheers !
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    i'm going back again on sunday its such a fun place and i ride it on a 5" hardtail

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