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full sus for about £1000 - whats best to get?

M7RM7R Posts: 2
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Im looking to get a new ride soon and seeing as how my works in the govenment scheme for the bike discounts I thought I would take advantage of this, I was looking to only spend about £700 tops but with the scheme I can be looking at getting £1000 bike.

I mainly do XC riding but will also be doing a trip to europe next year to do some XC and gentle down hill down the mountians, only thing I will say is that the bike must have hydo discs and min 120mm travel as this is what I have on my hard tail and wont go back now I have had them.

so over to you guys, I have been out of the scene for quite a few years bar my dabbling with the hard tail so im not up to speed on whats hot and whats not. :oops:




  • have a look at the boardman comp fs, its had rave reviews in all the magazines and will set you back £800, 5inch trail bike at under 30lbs, with decent enough spec to not need to upgrade till it breaks, also look at giants trance, or trek and specialized do a couple of full bouncers for under a grand, its best to look at a bikes frame rather than the spec, you will find a lot of bikes use the same frame right up to the top spec bikes with only colour being the difference
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