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Hope Valley MTB challenge '09

big_tex_ukbig_tex_uk Posts: 183
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Returning by popular demand the 9th Hope Valley Mountain Bike Challenge taking place on Saturday 26 September 2009, and which serves up a choice of two off-road routes of approx 20 miles and 38 miles around the Hope Valley.

For experienced riders the route is technical and takes you via Jaggers Clough, Edale and Jacobs Ladder to Hayfield returning via Rushup Edge and takes in Hollins Cross (Mam Tor) on the way back. For a shorter day you can return from Edale still taking in some of the most beautiful scenery in the Peak District.

As in previous years great refreshments will be available at three main check-points along the route together with hot soup at the finish. It has been said that due to the amount of free cake and refreshments available en-route you can actually gain weight - despite the hugely strenuous challenge.

Registration and car parking will take place at Hope Valley College. The start will remain the same, from Shatton, and the finish will be back at Hope Valley College. Advance registration is advisable - it will ensure your participation as well as assisting with organisation and catering.

The event is organised voluntarily by Hope Valley College and Hathersage school parents with all proceeds going to improving facilities for the children - last year over £1,500 was raised.

Find out more and enter either by emailing [email protected] or phoning Julie Colley on 01433 ....

Has anyone done this in the past?

was thinking of doing the longer route?

Anyone got the route map to hand?
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  • tebteb Posts: 7
    Ah, would like to have had a crack at it but am racing the Brownbacks Series the day after :(
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  • p.fitzp.fitz Posts: 66
    think i did something similar in december the ride out of MBR...its a challenging one..we did it when it was frozen and it was still boggy in areas..was only on about it the other day saying be good to do it when its not so cold and wet and of Mam Tor. panoramic topp of the the shorter or keep going
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  • off-oneoff-one Posts: 155
    Thanks for the link, got my entry form today. Just the motivation I need. Cheers.
  • stone-rosestone-rose Posts: 176
    I really fancy doing this actually, 20 miles is a do-able distance for me I think!

    Been doing some research on the route, and this is the best I can come up with ... -trail.pdf
  • big_tex_ukbig_tex_uk Posts: 183
    Na thats not the routes. Have a look at for full details
    If i am going out on one i am happy, If i am out on one i am happy, If i have just been out on one i am happy, otherwise miserable!
  • Anyone do the 20-miler last year? Trying to justify the 100-mile round trip... and from the OS map, that looks to follow a lot of roads...
  • stone-rosestone-rose Posts: 176
    thanks for that map - can't get the time off work now so can't enter, which is annoying. will go over and give it a go in my own time i reckon though
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