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Soon to be my bike!

festing11festing11 Posts: 22
edited July 2009 in Your mountain bikes

Have been deciding for about a month now about what bike to get and got it down to this Gary Fisher HiFi Pro and the Trek EX8. Couldn't get hold of the Trek in my size so that sealed the deal. Used LBS in Portsmouth and they couldn't have been more helpful.
Should pick it up in about a week. Can't Wait!! Might even get some dry weather to try it out in.
Will put exact spec on and prob pictures asap!!
P.s Anyone else got this bike and any changes you'd advise making straight out of the box??
Gary Fisher HiFi Pro 2009


  • teulkteulk Posts: 557
    I see youve got the link working now lol - nice bike.
    Boardman Team 09 HT
    Orbea Aqua TTG CT 2010
    Specialized Secteur Elite 2011
  • festing11festing11 Posts: 22
    Took me a while!
    Gary Fisher HiFi Pro 2009
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