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Just joined.

pte1643pte1643 Posts: 518
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Just joined the world of Off Road.

Nothing too serious at the moment, just to get a bit fitter and have a laugh with my Son (17).

We've started at the low end for the time being.

I got an 09 Kona Fire Mountain, and Son has a 09 Giant Yukon Disc. We got them both with good discounts on each.

Ive already started to modify my FM, have junked the Dart 1 forks (Sorry... Pogo sticks) and have fitted some Toras, and have just orderd some Hydraulic brakes.

Probably won't go too much further as the money for anymore mods would probably be better spent on saving for a better bike.

Still... You gotta start somewhere, eh?

Forgive the photo, as I only had my phone on me at the time, will get another pic up when the new brakes are fitted.



  • Tom BartonTom Barton Posts: 516
    Great starter bikes! Whats the point in spending loads if you don't know down the line if you'll still be into it - but you'll always remember your first "proper" mountain bikes.

    Mine was a 1998 Carrera fury. I sold it recently, hadn't ridden it in years but oddly still had a little twang on the heartstrings to see it go!!

    Just wait till your hooked! Then what you start hankering for starts getting scarily expensive!!

  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    i remember my first bike lol, a cluad butler cape wrath, weighed about 36lb, had narrow bars, a piece of wood of a saddle, but my brothers mate bought it and i still like havin a spin every now and then :)
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