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Thetford - Conditions

Bike BlokeBike Bloke Posts: 210
edited July 2009 in Routes
Hey guys, off to thetford tomorrow despite the dismal weather. Just wondering if anyone had an update on the state of the trails? I'm expecting a boggy soup, but still, i've fitted my summer tyres so they'll damn well stay there!

Any news would be great. Cheers.


  • Bike BlokeBike Bloke Posts: 210
    Just encase anyone was wondering, after my ride today:

    Red & Black both feature nice dry areas, and then sections of labour intensive puddle fests. Still a good laugh though, and the new trail work is great!
  • mattfefcmattfefc Posts: 71
    Does everyone park in the carpark where is charges by the hour or is there anywhere else to go.

    Also I've only been riding a few months, are red and black trails very difficult.
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  • nonnac85nonnac85 Posts: 1,608
    The main car park is about £7 for a day. Go on my website MTB Trail Time for more information about car parking and other info.

    You should manage the black fine. My cousin managed the black on his cheapo Apollo bike from Halfords!

    Most people seem to think the trails are very easy for their colour grade.
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