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Sore legs...........with imminent weekend of torture!

GobsGobs Posts: 296
I cycle daily to work (circa 18 miles round trip) and even after 3 months doing it my legs still show some signs of soreness.

However this weekend it's about to get a lot worse, I'm off to Afan and Cwncarn for a 3 day expedition of the trails and I know it's really going to hurt. What can I do now and during the next 3 days to minimise my tired aching legs?

Any suggestions both weird and wonderful welcomed :D


  • Jonesy.Jonesy. Posts: 94
    Take the bus for the next 3 days to give your legs a break and a chance to recover. Then stock up on energy bars and energy drinks for the weekend trip to boost your stamina. SIS Go Electrolyte is quite a good one.
  • GobsGobs Posts: 296
    You misunderstand :twisted: I'll be doing the cycling weekend over the next 3 days, starting tomorrow morning. I wondered if there were any pills/potions etc to ease the soreness both now (before the trip) and during, cold baths maybe, painkillers? :wink:
  • Jonesy.Jonesy. Posts: 94
    Ooops, hadn't quite finished my first cup of coffee so brain cells were not working correctly.

    Too late for resting then, which is the best remedy. Second best remedy - grin and bear it.

    Don't pop painkillers unless you have an injury.

    You could try some Tiger Balm rub on your legs at night, might help a bit. I find it works quite well.

    The aforementioned energy drinks should help too while on the trail, but won't relieve the soreness.

    Might be worth getting some recovery juice too:

    Try to have a break from the cycling after the trip and that should allow your legs to recover and grow stronger.
  • GobsGobs Posts: 296
    Thanks 8)

    As for energy drinks, I know opinion varies on caffeine etc, some saying it sharpens you and keeps you running, and that the level of dehydration isn't that severe....

    Your wise opinion? :roll:

    And why avoid painkillers?
  • Jonesy.Jonesy. Posts: 94
    Gobs wrote:
    Your wise opinion?

    Not sure about wise, but it's an opinion.

    Caffeine isn't an energy drink, it's a stimulant, which just increases your heart rate.

    By energy drink, I meant a drink containing carbohydrates that your body will turn into energy during exercise. For example:

    This also replaces the electrolytes (sodium, calcium etc) which you lose via sweating.

    Or as a cheaper, quick-fix alternative, get some Lucozade Sport, available from most supermakerts / garages.

    As for painkillers, they wouldn't be much use for the type of soreness you have, which I reckon is just muscle fatigue. Personally, I'd only use a painkiller if I sprained my ankle or something, and needed a drug to reduce the swelling.
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