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Rounded seatpost clamp bolt

sicknewtsicknewt Posts: 181
edited May 2009 in MTB workshop & tech

I've got a 2007 Giant XTC3.5 and was trying to move my seatpost tonight and couldn't get the seatpost clamp undone and managed to round off the allen key bolt.

Firstly, anyone got any suggestions about how I can get the bolt out?

Secondly, if I have to saw the bolt to get the clamp off, does anyone know what size clamp I will need to buy?

While I'm here, does anyone know what size the seatpost is? That is what I was trying to find out to start with!

Thanks for any help!


  • silverknellsilverknell Posts: 183
    Well all i say is if you have a dremel or anyother mechanical cutter thing, use that to cut through the bolt. And as for size just take that clamp to LBS and just compare the sizes..
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  • sicknewtsicknewt Posts: 181
    Guess that will have to be the way to go - was hoping to sort everything out over the net though as I'm not going to get anywhere near a bike shop for a few days...
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    any bolt shop will do for a new bolt.
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  • sicknewtsicknewt Posts: 181
    As long as I can get the old one out...

    I'll have a go at it in daylight either tomorrow night or over the weekend.
  • pvtpilepvtpile Posts: 74
    its a 34.9 mm clamp to get it out try using a dremel to cut a slot in the head then use a flat screwdriver to get it out
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