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Advice re riding on Mull this weekend, please

Off to Mull this weekend, taking my Fixie, weather looks poor but 'have to go', does anyone have favourite routes or advice please. Stayng near Tobermory on the campsite.

I'm doing the FWC next w'end (not on the fixie!!!) so am not looking for much more than 3-4 hour rides at relatively gentle pace, with an eye out for cafe stops etc.

Mainly, how steep are the slopes both up and down, relevant on a fixie?

Thanks for any replies.

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.
Oscar Wilde


  • A fixie on Mull you must be keen. The campsite at Tobermory is way up the hill way above the village. When I was there last year I cycled from Dervaig to Tobermory to Salen over to the west side at Killiechoran and back north to Calgary. Now the coast road to Calgary would be tough on the Fixie. What gearing do you have (42x16)? There is a shortcut Achlek over to Dervaig but its also a little hilly. Even the road over from Dervaig to your campsite will be tough on a fixie. I'd suggest a bigger cog on the back.

    There is a cross island road from Aros Mains to Dervaig you could use for a shorter ride.

    It will all be good training for the Bealach. I'll see you there with my red Tarmac with Dura Ace wheels.

    You will enjoy Mull its fantastic for cycling.
  • Sorry I'm getting my FWC and my BNB mixed up. I'm not brave enough to do the FWC best of luck with that.

    There are good cafe/pub stops at Dervaig and Calgary.

    The road on the west side to Calgary is 15-20% for a short bit. I would guess the road up from Dervaig is 10%ish but its not sustained.
  • Philip WhitemanPhilip Whiteman Posts: 470
    edited April 2009
    I stayed at the campsite last year and took some rides out from there too.

    I have quickly knocked up a Bikely map of the route for interest.

    The road out of the campsite heading west has some great climbs along it in both directions. Plus if the views are outstanding. The return from the village shop at Pennyghael was slightly dull but soon picked up again after Salen.

    For refreshments, the shop at Pennyghael does some basics. There is also a fantastic little team room opposite the Italian Restaurant in Salen (both worth a visit). From there, I would recommend the quiet minor road upto Dervaig and then swing back east towards the campsite which includes a lovely little climb on the final road. Dervaig avoids the dangerous and busy Salen to Tobermory single track Road.

    Have a great time and let us know how you get on.

    PS. A fixed may be a bit 'challenging'
  • Aberdeen-lune....thanks for that, 42:18/20 flip flop I will use for these little testers I suspect, I do the Cairn O Mount either way on 42:20, just!!! I am doing the September BNB as well, may well introduce myself or see you there? Slow old man on a White Cervelo R3 for this one methinks.

    Philip.....thanks to you for your knowledge and advice and the route, I shall head for the Tea shops and let you know!! What is life if not a challenge, I'll try the fixie and stand to learn from my endeavour. It looks grotty weather anyway so might as well keep warm 'grinding it out'

    The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.
    Oscar Wilde
  • oops, sorry, no wonder my legs get tired, I've just recounted, I've been riding 48:20 up the Cairn all winter, not 42:20, no wonder my knees have been creaking!

    The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.
    Oscar Wilde
  • I'm impressed Simon. I've been over the Cairn O mount both ways more times than I care to remember but never on a fixie. I thought I was doing well going over it on 39 x 24.

    Good luck in the FWC.
  • speedy641speedy641 Posts: 89
    Treat yourself to a meal at The Western Isles Hotel in the evening!

    Not in the restaurant, but the conservatory, it overlooks Tobermory and the bay, fantastic food too!

    Also good chocolate cafe in Tobermory, great coffee and cake.
    Bakery in Tobermory also very good for food for a ride / picnics /pre ride coffee.
    Ride around south side of Loch na keal very beautiful (can be breezy)
    Campste very midgy, you might be ok in May, but go prepared.
    Locals drive a little too fast on occasion, just beware of them.
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