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my build a good bike on a budget lol

markeymarkey Posts: 27
edited April 2009 in Your mountain bikes
hi all

this is my giant xtc

after 3 months of dragging a very heavy carrera banshee round swinley forest the thing weighs as much as a car lol, i decided to get lighter

and with me emigrating in 6 months , i couldnt justify spending 1500 notes , so in true ebay style , i search

i won a new giant xtc frame with the smallest pin dent for £125

some fox forks for 200 , i already had jiucy 3 brakes and few other parts that i had upgraded on the banshee, i did go out and buy a new crankset today , i just had to have it finished lol, i have plans to change the wheels to some lighter ones and change a few bits over

so here it is , soon to be trown around swinley forest



  • AirienteerAirienteer Posts: 695
    Veeeery nice. Thinking of building something very similair. Lovely looking frame.
  • Hi Iam liking it lots :D
  • JxLJxL Posts: 383
    Nice bike, but does the chain need shortening at all?
  • xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965
    [b]JxL[/b] wrote:
    Nice bike, but does the chain need shortening at all?
    Don't think so.
    Ne just needs to learn that he only has 9 speeds. :)
    Smallest ring >> 1,2,3 - Low speeds
    Middle ring >> 4,5,6 - Middle speeds
    Big ring >> 7,8,9 - High speeds

    Nice bike and a big front light.
  • markeymarkey Posts: 27
    ha ha thats whay you get for rushing , was so excited at the thought of not having a bike that weighs more than me, that i just put the chain on :oops:

    thanks for all the comments guys , it was brilliant over swinley today , well impressed especially with the forks , 8) but now its caked in mud will have to spend tonight cleaning lol
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