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Jamis Bikes?

davebexdavebex Posts: 3
edited June 2009 in Road buying advice
Anybody ever owned one or ridden one? what do peeps think of them?



  • tenortenor Posts: 278
    Large, well established manufacturer. They have been mostly available in USA so try one of the Stateside forums like roadbike review. One of their carbon framed bikes got a great review in CW recently.
    They do some great value steel framed bikes also.
  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    Quality is first rate. They usually have a good price on them for what they're spec'd with.
  • Nice.Light, BB30 Tapered headtube... very expensive.
  • jrabjrab Posts: 99
    A friend of a friend has a Ventura Elite model (ali frame, carbon forks & stays, Ultegra for £700 - sounds pretty good to me). From what my friend says he's pretty happy with it.
    I've been to the shop in Chorley and looked at them a couple of times - they look pretty well put together, nice quality parts & finish.
    I very nearly got a Xenith Comp, would have if I hadn't found the deal on my BH.
  • HudsterHudster Posts: 142
    The people who import them are my local bike shop! They're good people and are very excited about these bikes. They're good bikes, really well specc'd and at an amazing price. I wouldn't hesitate in getting one myself if I was in the market.
  • Just bought a Xenith Comp 2007 model - All Carbon Ultegra and 105 throughout with FSA compact chainset at £899 if you've got cash! - (2008 model comes at £999). - It's a dream. Really comfortable, quick off the blocks and responsive. I would recommend them to anyone and it's made me think about rekindling my racing career again after too many years layoff!!
    Buy a bike at Charnock Richrd do push these a bit but they are just what they say on the tin and I think the guys there genuinely believe in them. After buying one - I'm with them on that!!!
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